Starting on March 15th, I lost a $59 dollar wager on Wright St vs Tennessee. Since then I’ve been 24-14-1 for a total win of $325. I’ll also say I’m 11 of the last 14 after joining the Action Network. How can someone who is 24-14-1 only be up $325 you may ask?

  • One of those losses was a $300 play at Duke on Saturday night.
  • My online blackjack lesson isn’t quite learned after sputtering $264 in a 3 minute window with a rebet x2 that lost 6 in a row.
  • I took Bubba Watson at 12-1 for 10 dollars to add to the roll which did hit. Unfortunately, I hedged on JT for $75, so I didn’t nail that.
  • Duke losing yesterday also cost me a shot at $800 in our 9 man pool.

Bovada gave me a free $200 deposit bonus so I’m still running around even after all this. At this point I’ve paid for my entertainment but if you had to ask if my $400+ is going to be in my account by the end, good fucking luck.

This is how I felt after Duke lost yesterday.


Blogs are a few days from being fully recovered. I’ll help Sam get back to a better theme and then we’ll be back to normal posting. I’m sorry that I got hacked and the entire network was taken down, it shows the vulnerabilities of owning a site with little understanding of security. I am learning more about servers though.