I’m back from Europe and will have a detailed write up shortly. Hopefully over the weekend. Jeff and I had a tremendous time with plenty of stories, so I want to take my time and make sure I archive it accurately and to the best of my ability instead of a trash piece.

On another note, while I haven’t posted in two weeks, I should produce some material. Here’s an article shared on Reddit about Hi-Spots in Manayunk closing.

You can see my comment was down voted to hell. Being downvoted, I pretty much know that I’m not a sheeple. You have to be a fucking moron to downvote this comment. It’s the herd mentality and not an educated opinion. The thought, “this great spot in Manayunk is being closed down” is not what happened to Hi-Spots. Let me elaborate:


  • Hi-Spots best attribute was that it was BYOB. This is literally the ONLY thing it had going for it.


  • The men’s room smelled like piss
  • In order to save money, the alley wouldn’t use lane conditioner on their lanes
  • The scoring system was computerized, yes, but it had to be installed in 1980
  • The lanes would malfunction on the regular and their employee, Steve, was 80 and would have to walk down the lane at a snails pace and fix the issues. Making a man work like that for $10 an hour should have been unfair business practice
  • The house balls were sadder than sad

The #1 comment was “Shit…places like this are vanishing forever. Sucks”

I’d suggest reading the article because it gives a sense of Hi-Spots and how the 8-10 lane alleys are shutting down in favor of “boutique” alleys. A quote from the owner, “We paid it off in 10 years,” he proudly shared. “I never made a dime here. Never got paid.”

The tone I started with this post changed a little after reading the article, but I still maintain that Hi-Spots didn’t live up to its potential. This location is great and this place of business could have succeeded if it tried harder. Hi-Spots sold for $700k which is a good amount of money. For some reason, it irks me that this place didn’t do better. I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but I know that when my comment gets downvoted, people just don’t understand.