Not my main agenda for this post and this type of thinking is not what I stand behind. Tomi Lahren is an ultra-conservative who is really hot smart. She’s super opinionated and would probably take a bullet to her brain to defend people’s rights to have guns. Considering all of the violence in these school shootings, even myself who deems themselves a republican, find it hard to defend guns. A hard stance has to be taken moving forward. I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about gun control, but people getting their mitts on these kinds of weapons is happening with too great a frequency to think that it’s going to stop on its own.

That point aside, and I didn’t feel like creating it’s own post, life has been rock solid for me lately. Business has been off the hook. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in months. I feel great with life and have a positive mindset moving forward.

Not to mention that Jeff and I are going to Europe to see a roofing show for 3 days in Cologne, Germany. After that we head to Amsterdam to bang prostitutes and eat space cakes see the Anne Frank house, Heineken Experience, and Vincent Van Gogh museum. From there we head to Brussels which I know exactly zero about. Probably drink some bomb ass beer and get attacked by some sleeper units. Next we travel the English Channel and wind up in London for 2 nights which, I’m calling now, will be my favorite city. I’m going to do some research this weekend on tourist ideas because these days tend to go fast.

I’m going to bring my laptop so maybe I’ll post a entry or two along the way. You can be certain I’ll be using Snapchat and hopefully we can replace William Penn with some Big Ben. If you’re not following the action, what are you waiting for?