Sam told me that he was getting a message that he was banned from my blog. Then someone told me that they were also getting a banned message. Turns out I installed a spam plugin that must be a bit too sensitive and it must have found these particular people to be dangerous to the well being of my site. I disabled the plugin, and now will be spammed galore, but at least everyone has access to the site again. I was also alerted that I have been slacking when it came to updates. The only thing I can say to defend myself is that I put up 35, this is 36, posts this month and that is my single highest monthly total ever. The person who told me this meant nothing negative by it but do you have any idea it is to come up with entertaining material when you aren’t that entertaining. Not to mention you constantly have people telling you that “that post sucked (ck4)”, “you aren’t more interesting than most (Laura)”, “Sam’s blog is way better (the Shee)”. So not only to I have to write good posts (posts that have CK4 in them are considered good), but they have to be interesting, and they have to be better than Sam’s. That’s some pressure that if I start spewing out random posts, quality will be weak. I have a standard of post quality that I try to maintain. I know the Shee says Sam’s blog is better but that’s just because the Shee likes to read about <20 year old males and what they do when they drink together. Sam, this isn't a call out but what's with the no shirt pictures in your dorm? Do people frolic around topless and everyone just accepts that as standard? I can see if it wasn't winter, and it wasn't the weekend, and there weren't people around, and you weren't surrounded by bros... is there something going on in your dorm that is a secret? I actually never really consider our blogs competing against one another for what it's worth. Neither of us make any money doing this and the time spent compared to the satisfaction of having a blog is skewed drastically. I read on some random facebook wall post that a person was thinking about creating a blog and asking for input and someone wrote that only fags have blogs. I certainly didn't take this to heart but is that the general conception about blogs? I'm aware that most people don't keep one but I can't really figure out why. Is it that they aren't that entertaining or aren't that great of writers because if that's the case I should have given up a while ago. I mainly do it so that when I think back to what I was like when I was this age, I have a clear record of day by day account of how I lived my life. This documentation will never go away as far as I'm alive. I have no desire to quit this and will try to do a better job with posts in the future. I may have to write about more diverse things then just my life but I don't think that should be a problem. Maybe I'll introduce some daily topics that will become staples of the blog.