Tuesday’s are good review days after all the action ends. I’ve been AI 3 times since last Wednesday which generally isn’t a good way to gamble but my head is still above water in the Bovada account. I’m down about 80 bucks for the season but for making 63 bets, I’ll take it. It’s funny how the trends go with winning 4 in a row and then losing 4 in a row.

Coming off my nice win in DK I entered 6 lineups and thankfully won 1 $50 5 man, winner take all, for a $3 dollar profit. It was the last lineup I threw together saying to myself that I had to have some exposure to Zeke and Dak. Onto next week.

My fantasy teams went 2-2 and I’m in the hunt in all 4 leagues. I’m 4-3 in 2 and 3-4 in the others. My teams have varying degrees of issues but I’m pretty sure everyone does at this point. Not playing Derek Carr against Adam cost me the W.