This was one of the rougher few weeks that I’ve occurred, but as I told the Shee, shooter’s shoot. With regard to losing though, I’m winning at losing. Where to begin. Where to begin.

Let’s start with bowling in an absolute meltdown from our team. I haven’t been under 500 pins for a series since 1/25/16. We’re talking a streak broken of 20+ months last night. I have no explanation either as I felt fine and thought I was rolling a good ball, but those goddamn straight plastic bowlers were killing my shit.  I didn’t adjust right like I needed to which is on me. I have made a fairly drastic change to my shot which is still getting the kinks straightened out but when I can hit 16 mph, I have to stick with it. Evan put on an epic performance as well. I’m actually ecstatic we went 1-3.

Gambling was a mess as I rode the hot streak into the ground. I went 1 for 4 on Saturday and then turned that into a 1 for 3 performance on Sunday for a major dent to my bankroll. I’ll update  later in another post, but it’s not pretty. DK was a total whiff as well with guys like Evan Engram putting up a 0 spot as one of my key plays. Now combine all that for an 0-4 week in fantasy and I’m having a bad run. Fortunately, I don’t get discouraged even though it’s easy to. Life goes on. Another week, another set of circumstances to deal with.