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I bet sports all the time so I know to expect the unexpected. It is almost reasonable to say that you should be chasing the unexpected. Monday Football brought the unexpected and I’m writing about it. Here’s the reaction to the game.


Here’s the current betting log and where I stand for the season. It’s done by units and units are 10 dollars. Don’t ask me why but Adam and I think it’s funny.

It stands to say that the Redskins game last night would have been nice to have. Instead I’m coming off a momentum swing that has my head spinning. After the Skins gave up the long play to an Alex Smith at the end of the game to put them in field goal range, I was pretty happy. Overtime was worst case scenario and the FG nails the win. They hit the FG and I turned off the TV and put on my radio because I need 1.5 points from Reed and wanted to hear if he got the last play. When I heard what unraveled, I couldn’t believe my ears. I knew it was a possibility, but after leading for 99.9% of the game, it hurts to lose that one. Redskins were the play and people who took the Chiefs are getting the spoils. In regard to the Jordan Reed point, I’m watching Vernon Davis run wild…WHILE REED ISN’T EVEN HURT. The fuck is that.