Aside from going 5-10 in a Pick Em’, not against the spread, I had a pretty good weekend. I played some 1-2 at Sugarhouse on Friday and ended up winning about $500. I was in for $700, so walking out with $1,200 felt pretty good. The next night I broke even in Pai Gow, lost $150 in Blackjack, and then bought into 1-2 again. In similar fashion, I was in for about $500 and walked out about with $1,000. For the amount of money I tip to servers and dealers, I should probably have another $200 in my wallet. Either way it was profitable. Without elaborating much on the session, people look at me as a drunk, loose cannon who is capable of showing up with any 2. This tends to throw them off their games whereas this literally is my game. I get killed in games where people are coming over the top of my loose opens and it causes me to tighten up and essentially be a losing player. In these smaller games, people just let me rule the roost and I win the most pots and show down well when I get my money in.

I also managed to post a win in Draftkings for the first time this year. Sure it was only $30 but at least it was a winning week. I will be going 3-1 in fantasy and a shot at 4-0 if Witten drops less than 4. Combine that with a 3-0 NFL week for 20 units to make up for some goon texting me Eastern Micigan on Saturday and the account is juicing. Going to make a play tonight for at least 10 units and I’m leaning towards the Cards if anyone cares.

I’ll be heading away for a large part of this week so there’s a chance this is the last post until next Monday. We’ll see.