Without a doubt, utilizing your free auction dollars in fantasy football can be an edge. I’ll add too that if the league is still using rolling waivers, it’s an inferior way of justice towards who gets the player. Let’s look at a few bids by people in my leagues this week and i’ll throw around my opinion because I can.

Evan’s League

  • Chris Thompson was won by a bid of $15, while Sam and I bid $5. This back field is unclear with Rob Kelley being bad and Thompson producing. $15 seems like a reasonable price to pay for a position that seems exceptionally hard to fill these days.
  • I bid $8 on JJ Nelson and Evan bid $4. This is where Evan’s bid of $56 for Tarik Cohen leaves him out of the running. If John Brown continues to ail, and there’s no reason to think otherwise, I like JJ’s potential. I also have no idea how no one else in the league thought of putting in a bid for a guy who just went for 120 and 2. If I really thought a defense had a PREMIUM matchup, I may bid $6. However, there is no reason to think that Eli can’t burn the Eagles.

  • Alex bid $6 for the Eagles D and Evan bid $2. Streaming defenses is a good strategy, but spending this much on the Eagles doesn’t make much sense.
  • Jason Witten for $14 and…. there was 1 bid for 0. Overpaid for a TE where you can find a streamer option every week.

Alex’s League

  • A player not only dropped Chris Hogan, but they won a bid for JJ Nelson for $25. Sheesh on all fronts.
  • This same player spend $25 for Jermaine Kearse and the next bid was $5. Sheesh.
  • Jason Witten went for $22. Ed Dickson will replace Olsen and could have been gotten as an FA. Witten will regress.
  • The Eagles and the Falcons D’s were picked up for $14 and $10 respectively. I don’t get it but the same player who bid $6 in the other league, bid $14 here. Confusing.
  • Marlon Mack was also released, who after spending the day with Bud (who has way more knowledge on upcoming player than any normal human should), will be bid on by me.

Steve’s League

  • This is an old waiver system but I was in the 3 spot and got Chris Carson. Shout out to Adam for having him the week before in Evan’s league.