Coming off a championship run in the Fall league we had high expectations for game 1. We didn’t have Ck4 so our offense would be a little light but hopefully by outplaying the opposition we would get the W. At no point do I think either team had a lead by more than 6 points. We were pretty bad but they handed us the game on a silver platter. They missed so many foul shots at the end and screwed up royally by calling a timeout they didn’t have and giving us a chance to tie the game. Bake must have hit clutch 3 after clutch 3 to keep us in the game and we found ourselves in a 2 minute OT. We missed our first possession and sent them to line where they went 1 for 2. On ours, Jeff gave me a pass that barely made it through and I incredibly (the layup wasn’t incredible it was the fact that it went in) made a lay up to get us up by 1. Then they took a bad shot and I can’t remember exactly what happened but they were inbounding the ball, down 1, with 6 seconds left and this complete doofus threw it right to the guy I was standing next to and I hit it away and we gained possession. We were the better team but they outplayed us. If it wasn’t for Bake draining something like 7 threes on the night, we’d have been toast. Very lucky to come away with the victory and this team undeniably needs to practice.