Clay Travis is the infamous sports commentator who got into an argument with El Pres from Barstool and used Sam Stortz as a reference point for the 6, 12, 18, 24 challenge. You have no idea how hard it was to find this. LOL at “a true hero”.

With that little side story behind us, Clay Travis said he likes boobs and some hot woman named Brooke Baldwin lost her shit. Was it inappropriate? I have to say yes. Why you’d say that on CNN is dumb because it’s not appealing to the cuck audience. Gotta know your audience. At least I know who Brooke Baldwin is now.

I hate Jemele Hill. Out of all the commentators, and I dislike a lot, she’s my #1 least liked. The guy who talks after Clay sums up exactly why I don’t like her. He’s like, “after all she’s been through to get to where she is now…” She fucking sucks. I’m sorry but I’d rather watch a cactus report on what happens in sports. I hated her before she said Trump was a white supremacist. I’d guess I’ve asked Sam 5 times if he likes her just so I can give my opinion that I hate her. I don’t even watch her but I just know. I can’t explain it, I just know. It’s not that she’s black. Sage Steele is wonderfully talented and nails her job. Jemele is a bobble head. You could say, “you have to give her a chance.” No I don’t. She’s an idiot and ESPN should fire her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she knew this tweet would garner attention because her career is sinking exactly like Clay said. I’d rather watch paint dry than get my info from her.

Here’s a person who must have fallen asleep to her show:
The SC6 branded show is not a good one, in part because you have two co-hosts who both are more serious and overly sincere than they are charismatic or quick with the snark. You don’t have the classic goofy/straight pairing, and they lack the tension of two co-hosts who disagree constantly. Neither is a particularly good interviewer, nor have they shown the ability to offer insight on sports that is deep, funny, or entertaining. The show is reduced to two fairly boring people sitting at a cramped table full of papers and laptops on a set that looks unchanged for the past twenty years talking about sports with less insight than a pair at the end of the neighborhood bar. Television is a visual medium, and visually, SC6 looks like local TV.