To add insult to injury, Bud comments on my last post needling not only my post, but my incorrectness and my bank account. Brutal. Week 5 already has a big red bulls-eye circling it. Onward to some misery.

To go along with the shock of the Patriots getting beat at home in the season opener, with a 9 point spread, I managed to to last exactly 0 games in the losers pool which I decided to play for the first time. There were 3 9 point spreads (Pats, Steelers, and Bills) and I figured that the Pats were easily the best team and would have no problem defeating the Alex Smith led Patriots. Obviously that was incredibly wrong and it cost me $50 for the losers and $70 on the game. People are supposed to last the entire SEASON in the loser’s pool and I couldn’t make it 1 game. I hope this is a sign of “it can’t get any worse” instead of a “dude, give up.” Fortunately I didn’t get hurt too much in fantasy as only one guy I played had Gillislee to go along with Cooks and the Pats D. The 7 unit loss puts me back at even for the season as we plod on to week 1. This game is the perfect example of if you are so sure something is going to happen, do the opposite.