It’s fun to use the blog in the early days to categorize my wins and losses betting on sports. After bragging about being the 1 and 0 man, I promptly became the 1 and 1 man with some misinformation from my source on a reverse line movement. This loss put me down 2.5 units for the season. With remarkable fortitude, I bet on Alabama last night at -8 and they dominated the game. The QB on FSU decided at one point to hurt his leg because he kept throwing interceptions. This 5 unit bet puts me back up 2.5 units for the season. I’ll update the juice closer to the end of the year but today I’ll use a general barometer. Most likely I’ll keep updating my picks and stats until it gets too embarrassing depending on my losses. I’ll try to give my DraftKings updates as well but I’m down about $700 since the start of the year so I’ll need a hit before I start bragging again. I did manage to pass 17 of 18 golfers (fuck Adam Scott) in my 3 teams so I’m hopeful for at least 2 cashes. This may be optimistic because there were only about 20 cuts and Rory is the only notable player to miss. I also have Louis at 6 bucks to win $240. LEGGOOO LOU!