I actually liked the episode. The human behavior is fascinating. I also love how MTV promotes “Skins” non-stop. I know I’m probably out of their age bracket but I have completely no interest in a fictional show about relationships. However the reason I think the Jersey Shore is so good is because it’s real. Do you think it’s possible to stage how hammered Nicole was? Those actions are completely out of her control, I know, I’ve been there. Can they stage how mad Ronnie gets at Sammi because if so the guy deserves an Emmy. My point is that as loco and trashy as this show is, the situation is so bizarre that these people have no choice but to get too hammered because the actual reality of it is unbearable. These people live a tough life in the spotlight with camera’s 24/7. How hard is that to do?

Just a few parts I found hilarious of the episode. When the guy was talking to JWoww and the girl told JWoww he had a boyfriend and then he starts getting pissed and she retorted with “you’re just pissed because I’m blowing up your spot.” She was right though because he was getting way to mad if it weren’t true.

The Sammi forgiving part is such hilarity too. First off she’s a complete schemer in this Reality Television. She his obviously the character who is doing the most crafting and manipulating to make great TV. She’s a reality TV professional. Now that she thought that Ronnie was going to abandon her she knew she needed friends, so she had to start apologizing to get some people back on her side. Personally if I were Snooki I’d forgive her too because the whole situation should just be viewed as a phase instead of an eternity. The forgiveness to Deena was easy for Sammi because she barely knew her so Sammi just weaseled her way through that. The JWoww gets even better because they are both stone set in it not happening. My guess is they eventually talk it out somewhere down the line. If not, it’s so petty it makes girls look bad.

The other stalker scene was strange and that girl really must be off the deep end. Pauly seems like a pretty likable guy and I’m guessing she’s just a psycho and we should be on alert for any crazy shit she may try to pull. Mike’s girl was definitely hot and an obvious good pull. Not quite as good as Vinnie’s who he just stuck it in and said see ya later without any emotion or drama. His character has really matured since the first season. His laugh impressions of Ronnie were first class and hysterical.

I know if you don’t watch the Jersey Shore than you just think this is a complete wasted post and you have no interest. If you read this far and you have absolutely no interest then you are a really dedicated reader because I would have thought you quit after paragraph one. I also want to point out that when I post songs By Britney Spears, it’s not that I’m sitting here playing this song on repeat. The way to start a blog that people actually caring about is writing about things that people actually care about. Meaning the most popular things out there (ie, most dl’d song on Itunes and the Jersey Shore which is MTV’s highest rated show and probably is saving their network.) aren’t necessarily my favorite but its good to know what’s out there.