Above is a 30 minute video on the fall of the Simpsons. I watched it yesterday and was amused throughout. There were a lot of good points that echo what I had in my mind when I decided to stop watching 20 years ago. Just a few reasons why the decline occurred: loss of writers, characters started behaving away from their characteristics, and episodes that started becoming too far fetched. I can’t comment on mostly anything past, and I’m guessing here, season 10, but the show started to suck.

The same quality control happened to Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane got less involved in the show, the characters started becoming less of themselves, and the jokes were used up. The first few seasons of Family Guy stack up against any comedy because they were unique, intelligent, and over the top. The jokes had a darker feel and plot lines just as funny. People who bash them for cuts are angry people. I give South Park a lot of credit because their seasons are still as funny as ever, but remember they still have Matt and Trey pulling all the strings whereas I feel like Seth stopped.

This brings me to a new show that I watched for the first time last night that I thoroughly enjoyed. It’s not Futurama, even though I have seen a few episodes recently and was chucking throughout, it is *Drumroll Please*…Rick and Morty.

I was aware of Rick and Morty but had never seen an episode. Then when I was doing my TV post 2 weeks ago, I noticed it had a 9.3 rating on IMDB which is way above other shows that I knew I liked a lot. That surprised me. How could a show on Adult Swim have such a high rating? Last night I watched 2 episodes from season 3 before I went to sleep and was cracking up. It was sophisticated. It was hilarious. The characters were tremendously funny (big Rick fan). I completely enjoyed that 22 minutes of time. I will be watching more and I’m sure it’ll make the blog.