I’ve been going to a new breakfast spot near my house called the 3J’s market. This was after heading to the Museum Deli a few times and seeing a millipede (I couldn’t count the exact legs) run out from behind the coffee cups. Cleanliness is the most important aspect to me and the quality 2nd. These generally go hand in hand.

People tend to enjoy posts like these because they can all relate to them. Unless you cook your own breakfast every morning, you have to get it from somewhere. 3J’s opens at 7am which is around the time I get up. They have a digital ordering system which is also preferred to reduce mistakes and increase efficiency. My breakfast sandwich with a coffee comes to $4.41, which is what I pay at Dunkin and in this instance I get a well prepared Egg and Cheese on an English Muffin instead of a day old Sesame Bagel with cream cheese spread carelessly. All pluses.

Now, I probably wouldn’t be making this post if it wasn’t for my one minor gripe. The coffee station is well done. You can select from 2 types and all of the extras are adequately laid out. It’s organized in proper fashion and I like every part except for…the lid. It’s a solo cup lid and when I have to put it on the cup, every time I feel like I’m going to crush the cup because it takes so much force to get all the sides over. Total pressure packed situation every morning. To boot, the lid has an opening to put the straw in.

A hole in the cup? Who cares? Well, I do. This is why.

When you hit a bump while driving, the liquid flies out of the hole. This starts a sequence of annoyances. The liquid then seeps down the cup into the cup holder. I usually keep change in my cup holder and the coffee covers the change. As time goes by the change starts to stick to the bottom. This has to be cleaned and all change removed. Not fun. I’m sure I’m not alone in this grievance.