I have nothing new going on except I started The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. I felt good today which proves the effects of one day of weekend drinking compared to 3. I went to the gym and ran some miles. Then I watched the Shee and company beat a team of out of shape, aging members of society in Volleyball. Not to criticize the play, but the amount of points given away on serves is unacceptable. It’s like everyone tries to go for an ace when getting the ball in play gives the better team a much better chance of winning. I had no interest in the BCS game and couldn’t care less.

Only thing I want to bring up is the way people refer to other people as Man or Dude. I heard Dr. Drew talking to Jeremy London and he referred to him as Dude and I was just thinking how inappropriate that type of language is. I don’t mind when people use words like man or brother or buddy but if it doesn’t sound disrespectful, then it just sounds fake. I open the door for someone at LA Fitness and get a “thanks, man.” I’m not some generic human being that you will never meet again, even though I am. How about a “Thank you.” Just keep your ears open and listen to the way people communicate and tell me if you ever notice anything like I’m bring up in this paragraph.