I’m an Email guy. I grew up with the keyboard since the day Ms. DeFranco taught me “B for baby baby make that LOOOONG stretch.” I remember Morgan Watkins was typing 50 words a minute when I was typing 5 in 7th grade. ┬áPlus who can forget Arkanoid during that class. I got off topic for a minute but I prefer communicating by email. Here’s a text from our bowling team:

As you can tell, the Weenis prefers texting. I have nothing against texting. I tend to hit send before I spell check, and my phone case makes the touch screen not as precise as I like, but it gets the job done. The difference is that I can type about 10x faster than I can text. So to me, I treat my E-mail almost like a text. If I’m sitting at my desk (with keyboard) and get an email, there’s a 95% chance I respond as soon as I can. I gather that I’m not the norm as I deal with tons of customers a day who obviously don’t check their emails as often.

Your email should go to your phone which means you should see every email in a prompt fashion. If I see the email from my phone, there’s about a 5% chance I respond immediately because I don’t like typing on my phone. However, I always see it almost instantly. Based on that chart to the right, texting on your phone is more common on the phone which makes a ton of sense. What’s shocking is only 34% of the population sends/receives email on their phone. This means that when you send an email, 2/3’s of the time the only way that person see it is when they are at their desk. This brings me to the appropriate amount of time for an email response.

For an email that requires a response, I email back within 30 minutes. Sometimes 1 minute. If it’s after work hours, most of the time I don’t respond. If I email someone in the morning about a business related matter, I expect an email that day. 48 hours is the absolute max. If there is no response after that, I consider it a closed matter or the person is purposely ignoring it. Anyone else feel differently? Anyone prefer using email to texting?