I’m just posting these as sort of a time waster but I have about 3 more documents I wrote up years ago and I’m happy to post them.  You’ll notice that in all of them, they are never complete.

“The Funhouse” (Tentative Name)

Mission Statement:  The goal of this business is to give the upscale customer a social atmosphere for which they will be charged a monthly, recurring fee.

Business Summary

This establishment will be a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry.  The main focus will be on a fully stocked, well maintained bar.  A wide variety of beers will be provided as well as various liquors.

Gaming facilities will be in place in order to entertain the patrons.  Multiple pool tables will inhibit a section.  Dart boards, ping pong, shuffle board, and a bowling lane will also be available.  Competitions, such as tournaments, in each event will take place in order to create a sense of companionship and competitiveness.  This will create repeat business because it will be run professionally and perhaps leagues could be created.  Weekly poker tournaments will be held as well.  These services are provided so customers will WANT to keep coming back.

The point of this company will be to establish a customer base that will want to return to our establishment because we provide quality entertainment at a monthly, recurring cost.  Rather then charge a fee for every drink a consumer orders, they will drink at no cost.