I look forward to New Music Friday’s. Artists have adapted to releasing a single on a weekly basis and you develop a connection to the artist’s newest work. That being said, this past week was a load of fire flames jams. You can stay up to date with these if you follow my Spotify playlist but I know you won’t.

One Republic – No Vacancy
No Vay-Can-Cee. I’m not sure if it’s the way Ryan Tedder says vacancy but this song delivers hard. The beat is sick and the lyrics accompany it excellently.

Imagine Dragons – Thunder

If we are being honest, all of Imagine Dragons songs are starting to run together. Big drum in the background. Nice choruses. Words that mean virtually nothing. I’m including this not as my favorite, but because it was released.

Dispatch – Curse & Crush
I was floored by the past Dispatch song Only the Wild Ones which is getting no play time anywhere. This song has the Dispatch feel and the build is great to the chorus. A fun song to listen to.

Foster the People – Doing It for the Money
Foster released 3 new songs and I found this one to be the easiest to listen to. Same sound as before and the chorus is catchy.

Sylvan Esso – The Glow
I actually listened to the entire Sylvan Esso album after hearing this sound and was underwhelmed. Die Young and Radio have been played on the Radio and they are OK, but this song was my favorite.

Lady Gaga – The Cure
Everyone knows about Lady Gaga at this point. Her huge range from pop, to whatever she does with Tony Bennett, to successful song after successful song isn’t going anywhere. She will forever be in the limelight whereas you see Katy Perry flopping with her mediocre skills.

Prides – What’s Love Got To Do With It
Not on YouTube so you can hear it on Spotify. Listen to this cover of Tina Turner’s song. It’s an absolute banger of a cover.

Also MisterWives Drummer Boy and Paramore’s Hard Times are worth listening to, but they were out last week.