I had to go to Sam’s blog and hit f5 before posting this to ascertain that I’m not plagiarizing from the King of Original Content. If you were unaware, and most likely you would be, Sam and I posted about Russell Westbrook within 45 minutes of each other. This is on top of him writing “Thank you South Bowl” at the end of his post and I wrote “Thank you Museum Deli” to end mine. This was both unintentional and coincidental.

Even still, it’s pretty bizarre to be on the same wave length like that. We spend some time together but it’s not like we see each other every day. I can’t even explain the Thank You to close a post. It must mean that we always say our pleases and thank you’s. The Russ post I sort of understand how it happened.

When you maintain a blog you are always looking for topics. Topics that are polarizing usually make the best posts. Russell Westbrook falls into this category because you either love him or hate him. I’m surprised these posts didn’t generate more comments but I killed Sam’s post with my link which pretty much scares off any individual to post further. Plus aside from Rob, I don’t know how many educated sports fans Sam has to warrant a strong stance. It goes to show though that we are on the same page as to what may generate reasonably good content.

I was pretty proud of my Silicon Valley post. People who don’t blog have no idea the amount of effort that’s involved in a post that gets read by a dozen people. Embedding videos. Writing text. Adding pictures. It’s all time consuming. Just finding the right content to display is the real hard part. I’ll give any blogger a pro tip and that’s to use the Reddit page of whatever it is you are blogging about and sort by Top posts. This always leads to the first class material on the web. ¬†Why am I writing about this? Because I feel like it and don’t want to create a separate post as to why I was pleased with that post. The chances of people read this paragraph down here are much slimmer and it hides my self gratification.

So with Sam and I posting, and widely disagreeing for that matter, he’s been using that since he’s been the first to display the content (as confirmed by the twats), I’m copying him. I’m making it known that this is not the case and any other instances of aping Sam are completely unintentional. Let it be known.