I have a few skills but none is more valuable than creating pages in WordPress.

Before I started blogging I never equated what I was doing to a skill. It was fun. I spent an hour here or there and transferred my thoughts to a blogging platform. The page would get posted, read by a few people, then archived into the abyss to never be read again. Depressing in a sense when considering it from the post’s perspective. 1% go on to live meaningful lives, and the other 99% go on to perish without second thought. Yes, this does symbolize humanity.

Today I noticed what I was doing was using an A to Z formula for creating a blog post. Jeff and I set up some application and took photos of it step by step. I took the pictures and compiled them into 1 jpeg which had lapping text. I took the picture and created it’s own webpage on our website and linked to all of our product pages. We then take that picture and page and insert them into a Constant Contact post which will then be sent out to our thousands of person email list. Last week we had a 47% click through rate which was inconceivable. People actually read what we write.

How this translates to sales is another story as the conversion rate is what separates the men from the boys. Many people have built up audiences over the years one way or another but getting them to purchase is key. Our formula has continuously improved so that people can try to copy it but they might not know every little step. I’m not even an expert either but I kid you not, THIS IS SALES IN 2017. You can knock on doors. You call people 1 by 1. You can spam fax or blasts thousand of people. None of these means is as effective as building up a subscriber base, creating content they want to read, and knowing how to get them that info in a pleasing format.

We haven’t mastered the video end of the world but that’s a large leap and can get costly, quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing…which is most everyone.

Figured I’d write this post to knock down some material for the good ol’ blog and add another post to my belt.