Just a quick update on a few things I’ve mentioned previously. The Chinese IPO’s of DANG and YOKU are now trading at 34 and 30 dollars respectively. As the general public I didn’t even see YOKU at anything less than 27 dollars so I’m not sure where the IPO target of 9-11 comes from. I still have the same sentiment that these Chinese Internet stocks that mimic successful companies like Amazon and Youtube will increase in value. I’m going to give it a week or two and see if the stocks pull back at all (Dang to $30 and Yoku to $25) and then I’d probably take a position. Also Stern signed another 5 year contract with Sirius and that has surged the stock 10% this morning. I still like Sirius and would consider leaps as an option play. Finally some good news on TEVA too.

Nothing else of real interest. I had the Heat last night against the Jazz which proved to be an easy win. I was 1 for 2 on Tuesday and now we are coming up to the fun Thursday night games. Currently the Texans are getting 3.5 at home and my initial reaction is to bet the Colts. I would also guess most of the public feels that way too which would lead me to think that The Texans are going to play a close game. Chris Johnson has been a non-factor the last couple games and the Colts D isn’t too impressive so I would expect a big game from him. If Kerry Collins is the QB I think I like the Titans in this game. It may be by the half point but that’s why it’s there.

Also baseball salaries are getting out of hand. Carl Crawford is supposedly getting a 7 year $142 million dollar contract. Werth with a 7 year $126 million dollar contract… I would consider these guys above avg players but they are being paid superstar contracts. Werth hasn’t hit over .300 in his career and my best guess is now that he’s paid he’s going to lay off the juice and you’ll see his numbers way down. Plus he’ll be 39 when the contract is up and that’s just old for a baseball player. Crawford hits marginally above .300, steals bases, and gets hits but $20 million a year?!? Just seems like a lot of money considering he made $10 million the previous year and didn’t do anything different than he’s done previously.