fergies_pub_phillyThe last few weeks I’ve been playing local trivia at Fergie’s. The questions are reasonably difficult and cover a wide range of topics. The key to winning seems to be having as many people on your team as possible. More brains = More knowledge.

We are a 2 person team and last night we teamed up with 2 other bro’s for the aforementioned reason. As a 4 person team we were competing until the final round which is far better than we usually do.

There are 3 rounds, plus an additional round where you have to answer themed questions on a piece of paper usually in image format. Of these 40 questions, I would say I know 10-15┬ádefinitively, could make a reasonable guess at 10, and have no good answer on 10-15. There were 2 answers last night that I knew that no one else on the team knew. As a whole, I’m nice to have around, but not an integral member. Here’s what I know and don’t know:

  • I’m decent: Music, TV, Business, People, Sports, and Movies.
  • I’m below average: History, Religion, the Human Body, Geography, Government, and Science.

The problem is that I may know 50% of the answers to the categories I say I’m good in and 10% of the ones I say I’m bad in. The Rock, my teammate, is far better than me with useless knowledge. If we don’t know an answer, I’ll go with his gut over mine. It makes me feel like a dumb idiot which is why I’m writing this post. I was hoping that there may have been a point as I started writing this post but it never really came. Sorry for that.