victorywhitel-300x232I’m in a few fantasy leagues that require dues at the beginning of the season. The commissioner of one league sent out an email today that revealed that 4 people, of a 12 person league, did not pay. I have a problem with this.

I was going to post on the league message board, but I don’t know the entire details to publicly call out people, so I’ll use my blog (which technically is public but about as private as public can be). Here are the reasons why you should pay BEFORE the season starts:

  • If everyone pays before the season starts, there are no financial squabbles at the end of the season.
  • It’s fair by all parties involved.

lebron-james-and-mario-chalmers-argue-during-miami-indianaThat’s it.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the season ends to pay.

  • You can make the argument that you paid at the beginning and start a battle based on your word against the commissioner’s.
  • You aren’t entitled! If everyone pays, you should to.
  • If everyone decided not to pay, it feels like funny money.

Is it the commissioner’s fault or the lazy person’s?

In my lifetime, I’ve been the manager or commissioner of leagues and teams and it sucks. No one should ever want to be in charge of rec or fantasy teams because people are assholes. They’ll forget to pay one week or tell you the check is in the mail, but it’s pure bullshit (Sam you owe me $20 from last night’s bowling you little, Venmo forgetting piece of shit). Is it the commissioner’s job to hunt down people for money? It shouldn’t be. A note should be sent and people should pay it.

6459853_origA possible solution to this would be to say that if you don’t pay by such and such a date, we’ll replace you. If you want to turn the league into a fascist regime you could do this, but it would be so much easier if people paid. The reason why it bothers me is because I paid. My entry fees aren’t in my wallet like the people who are too lazy to pay the bill.

The funny part is that if anyone who hasn’t paid would say, “calm down, stop being a dick.” No. You’re the dick. Does this bother anyone else like it bothers me?