I’m aware that Barstool doesn’t hire journalists, or even qualified talent, but this hyperbole has to stop because it loses all meaning once its used too often. Some Chernin exec must have come in the office and said “the sheeple don’t care if your title is accurate, make it grandiose”. You can click on the image to be taken to their post.

Example 1

Nate is easily the lamest writer of the entire crew. I can spot a Nate title from a mile away because they all have the same shitty Nate feel. I pushed play on the trailer and there was more Zac Efron & the Rock than hot girls which makes me wonder how it could possibly be the “best trailer he’s ever seen.”

Example 2

I’m not going to go out of my way and rip an old war veteran playing the harmonica to the National Anthem but it’s not the best ever. Pres is the King of over-exaggeration which must have been taught to him at a young age. Everything has to be sold as better than it actually is. Eye Herpes. His moon shot off of Hank. Being a Mogul.

Example 3

Dear Jordie, what the fuck are you thinking? I’ve played Crash Bandicoot on PS1 when it first came out. Great game. Maybe top 20 in 1996. No way is this the best news of 2016.

Example 4

Back to back Jordie’s. Pretty sure this isn’t the greatest invention of the day, let alone the year, let alone all of history.

Example 5

Has Rone not heard of 2nd Round Ti.K.O by KFC? I respect Rone’s opinion in Battle Raps, so maybe he could be right that you’re a mean one Mr Grinch is the greatest in history, but I still think you have to consider Rise Pageviews Rise.

Example 6

Once again I haven’t seen that many sitting down bitch slaps so maybe it is. However, the video looks completely fake. Fake content does not equal the greatest in history.