marla-hooch-sign-off-oOne day in September I was bowling and couldn’t remember how I started my approach. I started doing the batter’s box dance that Marla Hooch was doing when Geena Davis and Tom Hanks were both giving her signs to try to figure it out. It continued to league night when I was afraid I was going to trip head first down the lane. It was purely a mental speed bump and fortunately I was able to overcome it.

jlnvesxAs luck would have it, it happened to me again while I was running on a treadmill. When the weather gets a little cooler, I tend to run indoors more which spurred this trauma. I would be running on the treadmill and would get this feeling that my legs were going to fall over one another. It prevented me from jacking up the speed for fear of serious injury. Last night I went for a treadmill run and the feeling was completely gone. It’s like I overcame the fear and am now running and feeling better than I ever have.

The reason I post this is because I think it has to do with improving. It took a mental hurdle preventing me from taking that next step. For the bowling, for once I had to focus on my form and nail down exactly what I wanted to do. I had never really thought deeply about it before. With running I think it was my form being a bit off and it needed some adjustment. Considering I’m bowling better than ever and I would guess I could break 17 in a 5k, it was for the best.


And for the bowling nerds who read my blog, you’ll notice my first game is not nearly as good as my last. I asked the old league pro and he told me I needed a more reactive ball in the beginning. Makes sense now.