This is an appropriate title because this blog has gone to shit. I feel like I’ve written about so many things that I try not to get repetitive, and I can’t think of interesting topics. I’ll sit here and my brain will just be like “what about this idea”, and I’ll think “no I’ve already done that.” How can I possibly keep a good blog when in that last sentence I don’t even know how to do it properly. Do I need quotes, is the comma inside or outside, what about the period? I honestly believe that people are amused by anything which is why I keep updating this as regularly as I do. I just can’t believe that people would find it entertaining that I started to read “the girl who played with fire.” I could go into detail of how I started this on Monday and am 200 pages deep and what I like about the novel but if you have never heard about this book, then who really cares? I’m sure everyone’s fascinated that we have the championship football game on Sat and then a Playoff Basketball game on Monday. Essentially, (yes Gusto I know you don’t read this but I’m stealing the word) I have to take a few days off and come back to it fresh with some new material. Til then.