Someone left a Jagermeister shirt in my room and I’m going to claim it and wear it unless someone tells me its theirs. It’s a pretty nice shirt and I feel like I come in contact with a lot of free t-shirts that I start to lose track of ones that are mine and other peoples. At this point of my life, my wardrobe has become pretty sizable that I only have to add a few items here or there over time. I’ve noticed the life span on boxers is about 2 years and then the elastic starts to give. On any article of clothing when the elastic starts to give, it’s time to throw it out. Also shirts with holes in bad spots should be thrown out as well.

Lately I’ve been acquiring some females phone numbers and it’s a bit unusual for me to store phone numbers. What I mean is that I usually never have a phone longer than a year or so, so I’m just constantly re-getting phone numbers with no real purpose because I’m just going to lose them again. I’m certainly not exclaiming how good I am at getting phone numbers because most likely they are just going to sit in my phone unused. These two points I just made go together though because the more people you know, the more text messages get sent. I get 500 texts a month and then they are 10 cents additional after that. With the amount of contacts I have it’s almost impossible for me to send out 500 texts. But now that I’ve had my phone for a while and have more people to contact, I’ve had months where I’m running close. Now you get 160 characters in each text message. My mom has found a fascination with texting and loves texting me one letter K’s for understanding the past message. So she is wasting one full text message for one letter and potentially a dime out of my bank account. I would feel like a complete chick if I had get a bigger text messaging plan. I’ve wrote before though that I have no problem with texting because I feel no rush to answer and it gives me time to think about what the person wrote. I don’t get it either because I get unlimited MMS. Why is an MMS cheaper than an SMS?

Bball tonight at 8:30 and naturally it occurs right with the Eagles game. To boot we only have 5 guys. I might head to the bar after with the boozehound Baker to watch the game. He found the idea of walking into Gavins completely sweaty after a game a non issue and I just decided to go along even though I’m not entirely comfortable like that. Monday night miracles.