images%2farticle%2f2013%2f09%2f23%2fsnakesBowling – Everyone loves bowling! Last night our bowling team had by far the best game of our entire careers. We were getting stomped in the first game. I had two 7 pin misses. Sam had a few 9 opens. I don’t remember the Weens or the Wevs tearing it up and one of their members started with a 5 bagger. We were down and out. Or so they thought. Evan strike, spared the 10th. Sam went Turkey. Weens went 29 and they had 2 of their guys go open. Their last bowler didn’t even think he needed to roll would be my guess but he got 20 and the table was set for me being down 57 pins coming off a strike. I Jersey’d the first one. Threw a nice strike on the second and only needing 7 pins to tie and 8 to win, I rolled a strike. 2 pin victory. The other team was stunned. We came back from an 100 pin deficit in the 10th to take the game from the jaws of defeat. We crushed them the next 2 games to go 4-0. Congratulations to Jordan who threw a 264 in league play and a 650+ series. Well done.

yahoofootballFantasy Football – Goddammit. I lost 2 games by less than 2 points this week. Freeman exploded but didn’t quite get me there and Matt Ryan did just enough to beat me. I truly enjoy winning in Fantasy Football but am well aware there is a lot of luck involved. Fortunately, the luck tends to even itself out as the season goes on. So even if you have a rocky start to these seasons, there’s a long way to go. I’ll be posting about Fantasy Football intelligence, or lack thereof, in the near future. Also Adam if you read this, can you please change your team name?

14492615_10157774281525725_659713946158821822_nTrump vs Clinton –  I watched the debate and it put me to sleep after I watched about an hour. It’s entertaining but it’s mostly words with little meaning. I think the Trump sniffing and people think he’s doing coke is hysterical. He’s so fascinating to watch though. He’s truly a tough man to pin down. You can throw shit at him and he’s got some retort one way or another. I bet you didn’t pay much in Federal Taxes? That’s called being smart. He really is a weasel but good on him.