Each Saturday for the next 16 weeks I’ll be releasing all of my plays and action. I’m sure no one cares but me, but I have done a lot of research so maybe you’ll be able to use a tidbit or two.


make-money-online-bloggingAfter hitting the Rice game last night for 2 units, I’m up 13 units on the season with a 5-1 NFL record (+21) and 1-3 (-5 units) in college. I’m aware that it’s +16 units but there is this thing called the juice which makes it so I’m not exactly sure how to record it.

MSU +7, Louisville +3, Miss +11, Parlay 1 unit – I woke up groggy this morning and heard the guy on Gameday saying he liked these 3 teams. Considering I know nothing about CFB, this is the only action I will give.

Counting on you bro.

Counting on you bro.

Browns +6, 4 units – Betting on the Browns, are you nuts? Home dog, new QB, and everyone and their mother think the Brown (or the Rams) are the worst team in football based off of one game. If RG3 were the QB, I’d tend to agree but Josh Mccown is legit. He doesn’t win (2-17 in his last 19 games) but he’s an improvement. I like the Ravens a lot in this game and I think they will win, but it’ll be closer than you think.

Lions -6, 4 units – I’m not convinced that the Titans are any good. They managed 16 points against a decent Vikings D but basically gave the game away with a pick 6 and a fumble returned for a TD. Mistake prone, against a solid Lions team that put up nice points against the Colts away, should make for an easy W.

I’ll most likely bet a 4pm game but we’ll see how these two go first.



I’m entered in the $20 big tourny (289k) , the $9 Slant (53k), 2 $20 3 man tourny’s, and a few $10 5 and 10 man. Cheap guys I like a lot this week are Tajae Sharpe, Danny Woodhead, Legarrette, and Josh McCown. Obvious plays like DJ, OBJ, Julio, DeAngelo, AJ Green, and Cam are sprinkled in a few spots. Non obvious players I’ll use are Lamar Miller, ARob, Greg Olsen, and Jesse James. I’ll also utilize a 2 TE stack in non-big tourney leagues to hopefully allow me a lower floor, lower ceiling play. I’m staying away from the Giants-Saints stacks which I’m sure will be bombarded across the site so I’ll be rooting against those points.




After going 3-0 last week I’m hopeful that my teams will continue to roll.

mtqwnzmymzywmty0nduymtqwWild Turkeys – I passed out during the end of the 49ers game but Carlos Hyde needed 25+ points to beat me and ended up with 22 so I narrowly won by 3. A win is a win though so no complaints. This week I’m playing Addasheee who is a tough opponent but I’m 7-4 lifetime dating back to ’08.. He has the edge already in week 2 with Decker going for 21.6 (+10 on projection) and I’ve already played LeSean and the Jets D who were -6 on their projections. Looking for big days from Eli, Jeffrey, Snead, DJ, Olsen, and R Jennings. Adam is sitting Emanual Sanders who I expect to come in for Jeremy Maclin. I also have Woodhead in all my Draftkings so that’s just the breaks.

Big Johnson’s – JKash threw out some casual trash talk which I thoroughly enjoy. It makes it that much better when I ruin his team. Unfortunately I’ll have to fade a Cam to Benjamin stack which will not be fun. He also has J Stew who is predicted to have a big game but I’ll believe it when I see it. He swapped out Tamme for Jesse James which also kind of pisses me off. I can’t decide between Jameis and Dalton. I’m also benching Maclin and playing Snead. We are projected at exactly the same total so it should be close.

fantasy-football-meme-2015Jameis Has Crabs – I got off to a hot start with LeSean and Forte combining for 40 points. I dropped the ball on Tyrod and went with Flacco instead. I have to fade a big time Giants stack with Eli, OBJ, and Jennings. He also has Cooks. I’m thinking the Giants-Saints game won’t go the way everyone is predicting and less points will be scored. I’m not too worried about Mike Evans and J Stew. My team is looking at playing Tajae Sharpe over Crabtree which I haven’t exactly set in stone. I’m a 5 point favorite at this point.



Panthers are the obvious pick and I will be on them.