SUCCESS! I couldn’t have scripted week 1 any better.




Wild Turkeys wins if Carlos Hyde goes for less than 24.82. 90%

Big Johnsons win if Matt Jones and the Rams D outscore me by 18.68. Oh yeah, I have Jordan Reed and Chris Bowell going as well. 99%.

Jameis Has Crabs wins if Matt Jones outscores Jordan Reed by 23.7. 99%


Well done kid.

Well done kid.

I had stated prior that I had the Bucs and the Jags, both of whom covered. What you didn’t know is that I placed a wager on the Patriots +9 which obviously won. Congrats to Rob Kelley on a nice ML parlay hit.

For my own personal record, each unit is $10. I won 5 on the Broncos on Thursday, lost 2 on Syracuse Friday, 3 on Pitt and 1 on a parlay on Saturday. Today I won 5 on the Bucs, 4 on the Jags, and 6 on the Pats. This is a +14 unit tally so far with a combined record of 4-0 on NFL and 0-3 on College. Unfortunately there is this thing called juice and my account, which started at $100, is now at $217 which is +11.7 units.

I have 4 units on the Redskins +3 (-120) tomorrow. If it hits, I’ll take the Rams for some more units. If not, I’ll wait until Thursday.


AeJones, why are you in a 3 man $20 league and how did I beat you?

AeJones, why are you in a 3 man $20 league and how did I beat you?

Easily the most I could write about but I’ll keep it simple. I entered $83 dollars in 6 total tournaments and cashed out $84 for a net profit of $1. My high lineup score was 151.72 and my low was 99.62. I won a 3 man, $20, with the 151 score and cashed in the big tourney which had 113,000 people and I got 30,000. I lost in a 3 man and 10 man $10 leagues where the top scores were 162 & 207 respectively. I also got shit on in a $20 3 man where a top score was 165.74. Not an easy buck.

All that being said, AP being a complete bust taught a lesson not to pick players from low under totals. The idea of targeting the highest scoring games and stacking the players is where the strategy is. I got beat down by a Brees, Snead, and Cooks stack. Lesson learned.  Also shying away from the value of Spencer Ware will not happen again. Paying down for a QB in Wentz was pretty smart for the future.

Eliminator and Pick Em

754835e1-7ea9-4eae-8e4f-3a230d3b31f3-large16x9_dolphins_seahawks_football__vcatalanifisherinteractive-com_4Major sweat in the Seattle game for the elminator pick but they pulled it off. Probably will go after a more contrarian pick next week.

I’m tied with Adam in the Pig Skin Pick em, ATS, for the first place total of the week snagging 10 of 14 games. I’ll add that Adam was sending some chirping texts before the Cardinals game and basically dug his own grave. I’m not trying to rub it in but when you chirp and lose, it’s way worse than never chirping at all. Evan will probably beat you too in the Dynasty for the karma to be delivered in its fullest.

I also have 10 games right in the Softerware pick’em but the leader has 12 which will be out of reach.