I know I bailed yesterday with some weak Turkey Tourny post so I’ll try to post a drunken Thursday night video blog for tomorrow. Now I want to write about a products value to the consumer. Everything has a price and everyone has their own determination to how valuable it is. Take a bottle of Grey Goose. People who don’t drink will look at this as overpriced no matter what. People who don’t have a lot of money won’t purchase this because they are spending too much of their income on alcohol. People who have enough money might think that spending 60 bucks for a handle is absurd. Now when I look at this price tag I obviously know that their can be way more fun then 60 dollars in a bottle of Grey Goose. Would I have the same fun buying a 30 dollar handle of Smirnoff? Ehhh it’s hard to say but with an item like alcohol where the fun level is unpredictable, you have to look further than just the price tag. It may seem expensive to some but to others relatively cheap.

So that little set up brings me to my shopping excursion yesterday. I went to Sam’s club to do some purchasing of food supplies. I got off to a bad start trying to use their Gas Station and I tried to fill my car up opposite of the way the traffic is supposed to go. I honestly have never heard of such a ridiculous way of pumping gas that everyone is supposed to drive into the pumps the same way. So I had some guy say I can’t fill my tank up that way and I responded with “what’s the difference” and he just shrugged his shoulders and said that’s what “they” say. Whatever. Now when you go to Sam’s you have to know that everything is a good deal so pricing is relatively irrelevant. Anything you buy at Sam’s is going to be cheaper than anywhere else. It’s a matter of do you need this much and will it go to waste over time. For instance, I like New England Clam Chowder but I don’t want 14 cans worth. I’ll lose interest after can 6. I don’t need a giant tub of Country Crock but what I found fascinating is that a woman in Garb (whatever the muslims wear) is allowed to buy it. She isn’t allowed to wear her own clothes but she can feed her family with a giant tub of Country Crock. I just didn’t get it. Another thing with Sam’s is that they started stocking this Air Wick instead of Glade room smelly things. I have a glade emitter not a goddamn Air Wick so how can make my room smell good with fucking Air Wick? I also so a 20 dollar shoe rack that I was going to purchase but decided to wait till next time (sorry Hafe). I ended up spending a good amount of money there but bought a ton of food to last a long .

I’ve also bet on Kobe last night and the night before and Kobe pays the bills. I’m still working off the same 50 bucks I deposited months ago and have shown a meager 100 dollar profit but it’s obviously better than losing. I bet on Kay Day tonight against the Blazers. We are going to Mad River and they are having some 2 year anniversary bash so tonight should be a good night. Hopefully I’ll have some entertaining stories to tell.