When you go from this (67th out of 86k for a 1k cash):


Jimmy WalkerTo finishing in 1,436 place and cashing for a measly $75, there is a bit of disappointment. I was pretty pumped watching Brandon Grace sink 3 birdies on the front and putting himself a shot off the lead at one point. He missed a close one on 16 and then put one in the water on 18 to sink any chance of winning he had. Stenson couldn’t close and Day’s eagle on 18 was awesome but Walker was too consistent. Obviously you had to own Day and Walker to make a splash in this big tournament so I’m not complaining as much as it may seem but it’s rare you pass 6 guys and then have them all play reasonably well. Walker was 1.6% owned for the tournament.

A tournament like this shows how difficult it is to predict golf. I don’t give a shit what all the models say who is going to win, they are only tools that make efforts at predicting the unpredictable. DJ was 43% owned which shows how smart the public is! I’m more sulking on how hard it is to actually win money in these major tournaments. I finished in the top 1.7% and won $41.00. I can’t lie that it was a lot of fun watching the tournament, but the idea of striking it rich or hearing people tell you they make money playing Draftkings is laughable.