I recently, 5 minutes ago, watched an episode with Mark Cuban, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bill Simmons within HBO’s Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons series. The interview ended within 15 minutes and when Bill Simmons said, “goodbye”, I was disappointed.

Malcolm Gladwell for Time Magazine by Bill Wadman, October 2008I don’t get disappointed often but when Mark Cuban (a genius businessman and billionaire who understands the value of money better than anyone) and Malcolm Gladwell (a genius who finds keys to the way this world works frequently) are on a panel together, it’s smart to listen. The problem is that Bill is the host and although I wouldn’t call him bad, he isn’t a magnetic host. He roams the middle (which is fine for a host) but when you have extreme geniuses on your show, you aren’t delivering the questions that are edgier (“Cuban – what makes a good owner*?). I wanted more of the conversation between Gladwell and Cuban because Bill needs to be more opinionated.


Act like Cuban has no idea what he is doing.

I have only watched 1.5 episodes of Bill Simmons so I’m not passing judgement quickly but I think he lacks the enthusiasm, which I’m hoping comes because he is getting great guests. Nice alliteration by accident.

*Cuban says that the feeling of the town of Cleveland when they won the Championship is worth more than money. They go hand in hand. When you win, you spur the economy like hardly anything else on our planet can.