michelle-beadle-espys-awards-2016-02I couldn’t come up with a good title for this post unfortunately. Rush doesn’t give you much to work with and I don’t think leaving out the more makes any sense. Michelle Beadle’s ESPY’s pic¬†inspired this post. She accentuated her features and I thought she looked pretty damn good. Steve McGrath always said she was the hottest sports reporter and I never agreed. I still don’t, so I made up this photoshopped Mt. Hot Bushmore with the ones I thought were the best. I have nothing to write about them so I’ll create some minor text and the let the pics do the talking.


The Girls of Mt Bushmore

Lindsay Czarniak – I always like hearing her report the sports. She comes off smart and always looks good doing it. She’s had hundreds of looks and aside from the one curly hair one, I like them all. Looking great into her late 30’s.

Jenny Dell – I’m not riding the BarStool train here but I do think she has the best looking all around features of them all. Her face is perfect proportionately and looks like she’s not a total bitch.

Erin Andrews – I could take some flack for the Erin Andrews pic as she’s too “mainstream” because of the naked hotel room incident. She vaulted from ordinary ESPN reporter to covering the SuperBowl and a host of Dancing With the Stars. Her hair sets her apart and she does have a slamming body.

Britt McHenry – Yes she had that toll booth incident where she was being a total asshole but that aside, her blonde hair is flawless. I couldn’t tell you much about her reporting style but she’s pretty easy on the eyes. Great smile too.