What’s the difference between 1 inch? A huge indentation in your waist and total discomfort.


When I’m feeling the leg game.

I like to purchase my clothes from Amazon because it’s cheap and I don’t have to go to the mall. I usually buy the Dockers, non-cargo, shorts for $24.99 in various colors. Back in college I ballooned up to a 34 waist and since I’ve been out I can comfortably wear a 33. For whatever reason I decided that there can’t be much difference between 32 and 33 and figured I just ran a 5 year PR in a 5k so I must be slim and trim.¬†Unfortunately that extra inch makes a belt fit nicely compared to suffocating the life out of me.

Just so everyone knows how tough I am.

Just so everyone knows how tough I am.

Which brings me to the need to always wear a belt. I can’t quite explain but I feel naked without a belt. I don’t doubt for a second I could wear all my shorts and jeans without one but the idea that it always will keep my pants up is comforting. Plus it would be so weird pissing at a urinal without a belt Any other takers who can’t leave home without a belt?

I was having a small day...

I was having a small day…

A final pant issue is that I bought some Tommy John underwear to try out and they have a pocket in the front for what I assume is your Johnson to poke out without having to drop your drawers peeing. You can see it in the picture. Instead of pulling the waist band below your dick, you reach in the pouch and grab it up and through. I will touch my penis if I have to when at the urinal but usually I just drop it with my waist band and prop it up and out. This way I don’t have to touch it and never have to wash my hands. Just kidding. Can’t wait to shake your hand next time I see you…