I spent about 2 hours making the celebrity meltdown post. It was a pain in the ass finding the pictures, dating the pictures, and organizing the data. I point that out because it’s not a post that comes together in a few minutes like this one. If you check the counter on the bottom right of the sidebar, you’ll see yesterday produced 274 people, with 120 coming from Facebook. So when Dave Gildea writes “clickbait” under my posts, let’s just say I might know what I’m doing.


Ben likes my traffic

Of course 120 people isn’t a huge amount but still nothing to sneeze at. It makes me want to create a part 2 of the same exact topic and use an even more revealing picture as the feature image. Title and image are all people care about. I personally thought the content was very good for that post. I’m not saying I couldn’t have done a better job if I felt like scouring the internet for worse pictures and further details of hot celebrity female collapses but I have better things to do. Oh wait. No I don’t.