The other team made us look a lot better than we probably are and this week was a total one sided affair. The score ended 28-0 but they had few scoring opportunities and no real offensive threats. Plus I think we had 2 picks on two plays that were QB’s by girls. To have a girl QB doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because the field gets really congested and if they don’t have great arm strength, they just lollipop one that is asking to be picked. We had 4 int’s in the first half by Evan, Bake, and CK4. Jkash went down for a set of downs after landing on his shoulder funny. We only had 1 sub but it didn’t even make a difference for this game. Ck4 even got to play QB for a few plays. He also displayed a typical crybaby attitude when we were going to let Jess Baker take some snaps at Q and instead of handing the ball over he childishly throws the ball behind everyone in disgust. Certainly not a big deal but at 27 to still be acting like this hysterical. Let’s also add that passing to girls isn’t part of his arsenal. I’ll never forget CK4 crying after a 7th grade bball intramural lost after Chris Duntzee made some miracle bs fast break shot because Trevor Stutz shot the ball with 5 seconds left instead of holding. I don’t think he’ll ever forgive Trevor. Bottomline though was the game was an easy victory.

My fantasy football #’s were dynamite this week as I had McFadden in two leagues. A brilliant move to bench Kenny Britt in my one league and deciding to play Maclin and TO instead was my one mistake. I did manage to sweep all 4 leagues though so I should have a 2nd in Steve’s league, a 3rd in the Schmidt’s league, a 2nd in Baker’s league, and The Turkeys will be in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd depending on Miles Austin’s performance. All in all I’ve been pretty hot in fantasy and almost know what I’m doing.

I watched all my TV for Sunday too and I’ll just keep the trend going with what I think about each episode I watch. Eastbound and Down I thought returned to its glory and I was cracking up for the first few minutes. The way Kenny and his Dad would lie to each other had me rolling. When he called Stevie the poon was also classic. When they said the kid Casper was 15, that was ridiculous because he looked 30. I like when they leave that Mexican baseball crap out of it. I watched Dexter and even though Julia Styles is annoying me I still think the show is good. The Quinn / Dexter rivalry reminds me of Dexter and Doakes. I think the side murder plots aren’t nearly as good as anything that has to do with Dexter. Boardwalk Empire was OK but I think the show is losing some luster. I think the show is good but I don’t leave episodes the way I used to leave after watching the Wire. Californication is starting up again and that’s always a good show.

I had 30 viewers on a Sunday which is an astronomical number compared to what I’ve been getting so that was encouraging. People seem to find this blog when I write about Manayunk and the bars so I have to keep that in mind when tailoring my posts. Bball is on Tuesday night and I’m going to Pittsburgh on Thursday for the first time in a few years. I probably have to get a halloween costume just so I don’t feel left out.