Adam informed me of this story which is absolutely incredible. Watching a smug lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that) squirm that she made a terrible bet makes me realize some sweats are way worse than others. Here’s the story:

Jason Mercier is a professional poker player playing in the WSOP. He made a bet with Vanessa Selbst at 180-1 that he wouldn’t win 3 bracelets in this year’s World Series of Poker. Said bet was that he’d lay 10k to win 1.8 million. Winning 1 WSOP bracelet is a major accomplishment and consider that Phil Hellmuth holds the most with 14, and has been playing since 1989, shows just how difficult winning a bracelet is. Winning 3 is implausible…unless….



1 bracelet. No big deal. He still has two more to win…unless…


How much am I going to lose?

How much am I going to lose?

8 players left and the best player in the tournament has a massive chip lead. This is what you call a major sweat for Vanessa Selbst. When you make a bet like this you expect to bag 10k and move on. There is about a month’s worth of events left in this tournament and if Mercier wins this tournament, Vanessa Selbst is going to be squirming for the next month to not lose 1.8 million, which I’d assume isn’t just lying in her bank account. Here is what she wrote about the bet.

If Mercier wins this bracelet, I’ll make sure to update on this blog.