Google Maps is Better Than Waze

Clear as day.

Clear as day.

Apple users just muttered, “you’re an idiot” but hear me out. First of all, know that Waze is owned by Google. Most IPhones don’t have Google Maps installed on them and Waze is significantly better than Apple Maps, so IPhone users are going to be biased towards Waze because they haven’t even tried Google Maps (what else is new).

interfacesI’ve seen both in action and prefer Google Maps because I don’t care much about the social interaction that Waze users revel about. Contemplating that people in their cars are reaching for their phones and tapping in that they just passed a police officer so that hundreds of other users can also be distracted by their phones to agree with this sighting is beyond me. From my understanding, Waze does provide a more sophisticated means of wrapping around traffic which I’m sure is great if you want to save 2 minutes off your 30 minute commute.

The real reason I’m dropping the hammer on Waze is that it’s strictly for driving. I want an app that does it all and I can’t begin to tell you how important Google Maps was when I was abroad. Seeing a map, entering a destination, and then having walking directions was incredibly useful. I’ve also driven hundreds of miles on road trips and have never, ever found Google Maps to provide false information. It’s reliable and rarely misses its time estimates.

User comment:

They try too hard to turn themselves to a social app while all I want to do is get from point A to B…

Exactly this. I have no interest in chatting via that app, not to mention I’m, you know, driving. Give me the alerts and allow me to post new ones, and that’s it. That’s what makes Waze useful.


Goose Island Makes Soft Beer

Goose_Island_BrewpubGoose Island was bought by AB InBev in 2011 for 38.8 million dollars and is no longer considered a craft brewery. AB stands for Anheuser Busch which make Budweiser, Corona, and Stella. What I truly don’t like is that Goose Island is still trying act like a craft brew. When I drink a Corona or a Bud, I know what I’m getting. It’s not faking me out that it’s being produced by a billion dollar company. I’d still drink their IPA if it was the best available choice but I’d choose Yuengling over it. ┬áThis goes hand in hand with the ridiculous notion of the beer named Budweiser to go by the name “America” this summer.

User comment:

“Sir, we’ve been slowly losing market share for years to craft brewers, what will we do?”
“Buy them out.”
“We tried that sir, it doesn’t seem to have worked. What can we do?!”
“I have one word for you: NATIONALISM”


The Sugarhouse is Turning Into a Good Casino

sugarhouse-casino-exterior2-900VP-587x0I’m proud to say at least I know that my money is being put to good use. I visited the Sugarhouse for my monthly donation last week and was surprised to see an increased amount of security which is a good move. It keeps the trash out. They also added a Geno’s Cheesesteaks and a Tacconelli’s for pizza to the main dining areas as well as a sit down steak house. The poker room has been moved out of the tent into an actual room and is fine to play at. The bottom line is that after 3 years of taken people’s money, they have expanded (a huge extra section and parking garage have been added) into what I consider is Philly’s #1 casino destination. It still has a way to go, don’t get me wrong, but improvements are happening at a rapid pace and I don’t see them stopping.

Here’s a live cam of the construction.