New Music Friday on Spotify brought the heat this week. You can tell by how many listens these songs have on YouTube that I’m not the only person who agrees. Either way, these jams are fire and I’ve been listening to them on repeat so I’ll be getting sick of them before the public starts loving them.

Imagine Dragons – Not Today
Love the lyrics and the tempo. I’m really glad Imagine Dragons is rebounding from the disappointing second album. It wasn’t even that bad but they set the bar so high with Night Visions that it felt like a let down. The lyric, “it’s going to get easier, somehow…but not today” is very easy to relate to.

Zedd, Kesha – True Colors
Kesha has been in a legal battle with Dr. Luke over rape or sexual abuse so I’m sure this song sings to that considering she hasn’t put out music in a minute. Another slower paced song but it takes a more serious tone than her other singles like Tik Tok. Zedd produced the background music which also adds credibility.

Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For
My least favorite of the 4 but lets not give credit to a sick beat with virtually no lyrics besides the word you. I promise you will hear this at every bar the entire summer. I can’t even tell it’s Rihanna but obviously with her name on it, people will love it. Catchy as hell.

Something to Believe In – Young the Giant
I don’t like this one as much as Amerika but I like Young the Giant a lot. I think they are under appreciated beyond belief. Think Anagram as a song that I bet no one has heard but is really awesome. I’m sure there are many more like I Got, 12 Fingers, and Crystallized. All in all, a very underrated band.