I’m blogging from my newly acquired laptop that has a few capabilities that I’m not used to. The keyboard’s keys don’t rise up as high so it’s taking me a little bit to adjust,but it feels pretty smooth as long as I can find the homerow. It also has a built in webcam that will allow me to videoblog with ease.

I am currently in Alexandria, Va typing from a Comfort Inn. The rate was 89 bucks which I thought was a steal but Jeff thought this was a baller place after traveling on the road looking for cheap lodging. Our business trip today went well and we hit about 15 or so customers. We walked away with at least one order which means we aren’t walking away with a doughnut. Tomorrow we will have to put up with VA traffic but we plan on getting an early start so hopefully we will miss it. Jeff only brought one pair of pants so it was imperative he got nothing on them at dinner, he failed. We went to a dogfish ale pub which was pretty good and I had their sampler which consisted of some 60, 75, and 90 IPA’s which were all very tasty. Tomorrow we will wake up early and get ihop.
Someone wrote that they felt “honered” that I mentioned them in my blog and I just want to point out that this blog is read by a maximum 30 people a day and honored might be a bit much. First off my status shouldn’t be held in such high regard. However I do find the enthusiasm refreshing, so I will say that is a good thing. Tee shirt time this Saturday for football!