I made this video around midnight tonight. I took one take of it because I’m not about production:

Put Your Money On Louis

Louis Oosthuizen is in seriously contention in the WGC match play. This is a betting opportunity. I currently stand at $187 in my account after I lost the Oregon bet for $75 and won $87 on Nova tonight. My two past bets on Louis look like this:


With there being 4 golfers left, it’s not a shoe in that Louie wins this. Getting through Bello will be an achievement because he can easily be overlooked. However, Louie just knocked Jordan Spieth and DJ so Cabrera-Bello is beatable/crushed. Speith and DJ! He can’t underestimate his opponent and I don’t think he will. He should make short work of Bello though. 3-2.

Louis-Oosthuizen-2-006This leaves the bigger question. Day or Rory. Rory won last year and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Day has been THE BEST golfer of late. First place at Arnold Palmer Invitational and his always near the leader board.  Rory got cut from the Honda Classic but outside of that he’s been consistently top 20. This is strictly a mental battle right now between these two guys. Rory showing the aggression on hole 13 today is a testament towards how you win these matches. He’s the favorite at -125 but I think Day will take this. A true battle of the decade.

Which brings us towards the Louie/Day final. Flat out, Day is a better golfer in bigger fields. He has the distance to separate himself on golf courses that suit his style. Austin Country Club is 7k yards and Louis won’t be hurt by the shorter distance off the tee. There is a seriously concern on Vegas part why Louis is only +225 to take the whole thing down. Cabrera Bello is +650 to win to give you an idea on how good of a shot Louis has to beat him. Rory is +200 and Day is +220. This is going to happen!

Louie has a MENTAL EDGE. Spieth can blame the fact that he was slicing it, and he never slices it (his words), but the bottom line is he’s playing against a superior player. Spieth is young and doesn’t have all the experience Louie has. Rory and Jason are a little more polished so they’ll be a test for Louis’s game but I believe.

I’m throwing a pick out now that I’m fairly confident in. I look like a genius if it hits and you’ll never listen to my suggestions again if it misses. This one time though, LET’S GO.

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