I sent an email a couple of weeks ago requesting that you play some Gaslight Anthem. You responded by saying something about licenses yada yada. Alt Nation on XM has been playing Old White Lincoln by them for months now. I’m looking at your list of top 10 songs and they are all pretty much overplayed. Grapevine Fires is ready to go, Kids has had it’s run, Ain’t no rest for the Wicked was never good, and Heartless by the Fray makes me want to turn off the radio because Kayne’s version was bad so this is just worse. (Feel Good Drag, Zero, and Wishing Well Own) I don’t care what it takes but if you start playing Gaslight Anthem’s music during primetime I assure 100% that it will get a good response. Play Great Expectations, We Came to Dance, or Patient Ferris Wheel. Spend the money to get these songs on your station

Plus, I have another request. Why do you guys play songs like In your Eyes by Peter Gabriel or Beds are Burning by Midnight Oil? These are songs that should be played on 95.7 Ben FM. I totally dig Depeche Mode and New Order but those two songs seem out of place for what it’s worth.

More Franz Ferdinand, more Modest Mouse, more Live, more Jimmy Eat World.
Less Police, Less DMB, Less Coldplay, Less Cranberries.

With the utmost respect,
Tom Stortz