megyn_kelly_variety-cover-story-1Donald Trump has decided not to partake in tonight’s debate because of a spat with Megyn Kelly. Do you really think that Donald Trump is doing this over a feud with a reporter who questioned his attitude towards women last time? It’s quite possible but I doubt the Donald backs down from many fights. My take is that Donald is using this more for future ammo.

The Republican debate in August got 24 million viewers. The one in November got 13.5. If Donald Trump isn’t a part of the debate, what do you think that number would go to? 10 million? 5 million? 2 million? He’s basically saying that he’s the main draw and people are only interested in this Presidential election because of him and he’s going to prove it by not attending.

giphyDonald’s antics (see you later Muslims and immigrants) and his in your face behavior is unprecedented and the populous is eating it up. The people have had enough of the Clinton’s, Bush’s, and other officers who have been running our country for decades. Donald is the unknown and people are tired of the known. It doesn’t matter that Donald doesn’t know the difference between Hezbollah and Isis. People love the mystery he provides.

I also think people like that although Donald is running as a Republican, his actual stances are flexible. There so flexible because he makes decisions on the spot instead of doing what the party “is supposed to do.” This annoys the politicians because it’s not the way it’s supposed to be done. They want to know what is going to happen before it does so they can prepare and Donald does not allow that because he’s a complete loose cannon. Of course he is going to make everyone uncomfortable because he operates on the edge of his seat.

Have you ever seen this man? It's Ted Cruz.

Have you ever seen this man? It’s Ted Cruz.

I look at the other candidates and even though I hardly think Donald is perfect for the position, I don’t see anyone else winning. Ted Cruz, who? Marco Rubio seems to know what he’s talking about but he never makes the news so how can the public ever vote for him. Bernie Sanders is a socialist who will be dead by the time his time is up. Hilary will get female votes but I don’t think American men are ready for a woman president.

Which leads to Donald Trump. I could easily see him telling North Korea that we’re going to drop a nuclear bomb on their nuclear bomb for a double dose of nuclear. In the grand scheme of the universe, this is a tiny 4 year window. What’s the worse that can happen? Now of course this answer is where people would say, “are you an idiot.” Yes. Yes I am.