So I went back in my archives and found a review I wrote up about Glee back on May 29th, 2009.

“I was bored yesterday and went to to watch an old family guy or something but I’d seen them all and came across a show called Glee. I had no idea what I was about to watch but I thought I read something saying it was decent. It was set in a high school and there’s a teacher who becomes the head of the Glee Club. By the way, his wife is really hot but she’s a complete bitch but does some good acting. I can tell its not going to be a really funny series but it has some potential because the characters seem pretty well developed. For being about something stupid like the Glee club I thought the show was above average. I watched only the Pilot and the series is coming out fall of 09 but it’s worth a watch if you have 45 minutes to kill.”

If you’ve been living under a rock, this show has become one of Fox’s hit series. I’ve followed the show and will continue to agree that it is a good watch. I actually don’t like watching it in real time with commercials so I DVR it and fast forward some through some parts. Specifically the slow songs just get the >>>>> (that’s five) DVR fast forward. I however do want to impregnate Dianna Argon (Quinn). She wears this cheerleading outfit and now that she’s not pregnant (in the show) she is just unbelievably hot. I found the Season 2 opener pretty weak actually with not too many good songs and nothing really happening. I have a feeling the Sue Sylvester shtick might be getting old. I hope I don’t have to turn my back on the series but sometimes when you don’t expect much out of something and it exceeds expectations it leaves a different taste than when it’s supposed to be awesome and seemingly falls short.

Unrelated to Glee, I had the impressions done for my missing tooth. Chalk on another 1,800 dollars to my dental bill and all in all, my faceplant accident cost me close to 5k. That’s about 9k of pretax dollars and certainly makes saving any money a nuisance. People will say to learn from your past mistakes but this one was more expensive than anything I’ve ever been through and now I have a steel implant in my gum for the rest of my life. I’ll chalk this one up to a pretty major fuck up but I have another bizarre injury to add to my list of already bizarre injuries. Fortunately I will make it through with no real problems and will continue on with life the best I can.