qbLet me set the stage:  It’s week 15, fantasy championships, your team didn’t make the playoffs and is in the toilet bowl.  This game decides who finishes last in the league with unknown consequences.  It’s a 2 QB league and Marcus Mariota got hurt last week and needs to be replaced.  Do you put in a waiver wire bid for a QB?


Some Schools of Thought

  • No.  You are out of the playoffs and should not potentially disrupt the championship game that actually matters.
  • Yes.  You know that other people who are out of it are going to do the same and if the rules don’t apply to everyone, they don’t apply to me.  It’s always a competitive league.
  • Yes.  Waiver wire is open all season to anyone and everyone.  Fuck em.


My Thoughts

How my fantasy season went this year.

How my fantasy season went this year.

By nature, I don’t like to give up.  Even if I’m out of the playoffs, I don’t lay down.  If there were end of year consequences for last place, there is 0 chance I’m laying down which I believe would be agreed by everyone.  I don’t like the idea of being told that I can’t pick up players even though I understand what I’m doing serves 0 purpose.  If I see ODB in my lineup this week, and I have no one on my roster to substitute him with, I don’t like giving the other person I’m playing the satisfaction of playing me against a lineup that isn’t set.  Am I the only one who thinks like this?

This starts to truly come into play when the bid system is in place.  In the playoff round of 4, I had 18 dollars, Bud had 9, Evan had 4, and Big Jer had 0.  Guys who weren’t still in it had 30+ dollars and I had no idea if I should bid 18 or 10.  I would have had to strategize differently if there was a chance other people would bid.  People don’t talk about this but it’s a rule that is non-existent and shouldn’t be.  What do you think?

Will you bid on players when you are out of it?

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