Not this time.

Ho hum, the Wild Turkeys defeat the Shee in the playoffs.  Big shocker.  Playing big name players like Marigota, James White, Kyle Rudolph, and Ronnie Hillman was too much for the Shee to overcome.  Another year, another playoff victory.  If I did that math, that puts me at 11-0 for my last 11 playoff games in the Dynasty.  Ho hum.

Doug-Baldwin-SeahawksI also knocked off Bake in his own league as long as Josh Brown doesn’t go for 21.  Down to the final 4 in 3 leagues.  Wevs is up next and doesn’t have a vehicle like this incredible blog to trash talk.  Just because you’re the commissioner doesn’t mean the Turkey’s will show you any mercy.  I hope Bud is waiting in the championship wings because the Turkeys are pretty much a steam roller to any of Bud’s teams.  My team in Steve’s league is even better as they put up 140 points, ON THEIR BYE WEEK.  I didn’t even pay attention and sub Gronk in and Teach Me How To Dougie Baldwin dropped 35 on nobody.  I also failed to submit my DK lineup where I had a Russy and Dougie stack.  My bovada account is virtually empty too which sucks but that’s the breaks.  Horrible post but I’m at work and wanted to drop a post.