To start off, I’d like to write that I haven’t seen most of the shows on TV so this is only a headline.  I also haven’t been present through 19 seasons of South Park but my feeling are the show has evolved greatly in nearly 2 decades.

South Park is raising the bar on a comedy series.  The episodes are integrating with each other and sending powerful messages you aren’t finding in other “good” comedies like the Big Bang which attracts millions of viewers.  South Park, and this is once again without a huge understanding of South Park, gets the short end of the stick for it’s stereotypical crude humor and volatile views.  I just finished watching the final episode of season 19 and I was blown away.  As much as the South Park guys dislike the Seth MacFarlane and Family Guy, I still feel that early Family Guy (season 4 is about the cut off), is funnier, not more powerful.


South Park Season 19


You broke the rules, rules, rules.

First off, the season started with the introduction of PC principal and Tom Brady and who “broke the rules”.  If you aren’t making fun of the NFL, what kind of a show are you?  The season ended with an attack on ads, the glorification of gun control, PC, gentrification, and how society acts as a whole.

treyparkerandmattstoneI took a few screenshots to try to give you an idea.  Notice I would have to re-watch the entire series, take notes, and then point out all of the truths that Trey Parker and Matt Stone point out to really do a good job.  Trey Parker is one of the funniest guys on the planet.  He is the voice of Cartman, Stan, Randy, and Mr. Garrison (also fan favorite City Wok guy).  Matt Stone is Kyle, Kenny, and Butters.


PC Principal


PC Principal kicks computer ass

PC Principal hangs out with white, male frat guys who define PC.  This is ironic, because all they do is get drunk and try to bang chicks (fairly).  PC means everyone is treated equally which often leads to certain people being treated unfairly.  PC Principal has much strength in today’s society.  The blue “blood” coming from the gentlemen’s head shows he is on the Ad side.

Gun Control

Jimbo sells Grandma a gun

Jimbo sells Grandma a gun

At one point of the show, Jimbo is selling a grandmother a gun and says, “If the safety is on, you’re good as gone.”  South Park is showing people feel safer with a weapon.  However, it’s much more dangerous as they point out in further scenes.  Guns are taking on a different perspective in our culture because anyone can have one, which makes you think that you need one.

The Realism of South Park 

Randy sees and AdTheir scenes are so on point that what is happening in the cartoon, is actually happening on Earth.  Notice Randy is getting an ad as he surfs the net and South Park does an incredible job replicating realism.   Randy during this entire season was in favor of the Whole Foods until gentrification that comes along with it.  He comes to realize that he can’t afford to live in the gentrified area and starts to take matters into his own hands.  I’d have to re-watch all his scenes because I get lost in his humor that I forget he plays a role.

This family scene

How families feel.

How families feel.

“I love you guys.”

“I love you too, Dad.  We just want to know what’s going on with you.”

This scene defined the way that some families feel.  The guns show how unnecessary they are as this scene comes to a climax with the entire family realizing they need to be better people to each other.  The grandfather never stirs at this action.

Maybe in this town people need to communicate more.  Care about each other.